Homeowners having attic regions are aware of the challenges they face just to maintain that space under the roof. It is such a region of the home which is more prone to mildew and mold growth. There can be lot of structural issues resulting from attic. It is important for the homeowners to consider proper ventilation in the attic and ensure that the air efficiently circulates in and around the space. Thus, Attic Vent Fan comes to play its immense role. They are much easier to install also and if the wiring supports the amount of power needed by the fan to run, the task will get even simpler. It must be installed as an insert in the vent or at least around the vent for proper air circulation.

Attic Vent Fan

What is the chief idea behind using attic vent fan?

The attic fan located near the vent will create efficient airflow from outside to be pulled inside and then distributed all throughout by the blade of the vent fan. Fresh air will be pulled inside by the blade action of the attic fan. When the airflow is created from outside the air gets pulled in. But, amid all these, there has to be some way of letting the hot air to escape. So, make sure that at the opposite of attic vent fan, there is some kind of venting to permit the escape of hot air. It may be ridge vents unobstructed or soffit vents. You can consider installing the fan meant for roof mounting. If you have shingled roof, this works even better with plastic roof vents. Fan meant for roof mounting can be mounted closely to the roof peak and closer to the opposite of the vent. This way, hot air can escape easily.

Keep the temperature down in the attic

Attic fan is the fantastic way to keep the temperature of roof down. Apart from this, it can rid the molds and mildew that result from lack of air. If the area facilitates proper air flow, there will be no mildew or mold growth. Even if the temperature is moderate, the attic region is generally hot. Heat rises up to the attic area and makes the surrounding hot. As per the home roofing industry experts, if you cool the air around your attic, you can save on the energy cost significantly. Apart from this, it will also enhance service life of different components like electrical wiring, roof framing, trussing, and plumbing.

Prevents heat from building up

Now more and more homes are built with new fan systems to efficiently cool the dead air space and prevent the buildup of hot air. This helps in safeguarding home components from potential damages. If you are planning to build a new home or considering remodeling, you must install such systems. If the home has lot many gables, complex roofing features and the home is large, it is even more important to consider it.

What can happen with improved ventilation?

Nowadays the attic fans have flashing that are water-proof in nature and meshes integrally to the roof shingles. The best part is that the attic fans draw less power to produce cool air while rendering an array of benefits. It may superbly reduce the temperature of the upper floor by 10-12 degrees. So, when it is hot, you have a cooler attic. The life of the home components and roof will enhance as there will be no mold or mildew. It will also help save 30% of heating and cooling cost. Your home will become more energy efficient. The use of optional humidistat will reduce moisture to keep the attic region dry and well maintained. Since the attic is the buffer zone and the point of transition between home interior and the outside world, hot and cool air will generally accumulate there. The temperature in the attic should be well regulated so that the temperature inside the home is constant. This is exactly what is done by Attic Vent Fan.

Proper attic ventilation will retard the movement of hot air upwards. The home will be warm during the winters and cooler during the summers. This directly reduces the cooling and heating cost. To regulate moisture and temperature, the installation of fan is must to consider. It is important to use the best quality fans featuring flashing made exactly for the kind of roofing you have.