How to choose attic vent fan for the home?

Attic fan refers to the fan used to ventilate the attic region. It regulates the temperature of the attic of the building by moderating the heat level. There is the use of thermostat to turn on and turn off the fan automatically. It may be either roof mounted or gable mounted. Apart from installing attic vent fan, there is need to have additional vents to allow the entry of fresh air and exit of hot air. It is usually employed in the warmer months when the temperature can exceed the level of 49 degree Celsius at the attic region. To stay green and make the home energy efficient, it is must to install the attic fan. It will vent out hot air outside the home and thus put less stress on the HVAC system. There are various tips to installing such fan in your place. One needs to calculate the home volume and choose an appropriate fan for the purpose. You can dissect your home into smaller parts to choose an appropriate fan size.

Attic Vent Fan

Measuring out the home

You need to measure out your living space and then apply the attained figure to certain formula to arrive at the CFM rating. Apart from this, one also needs to determine the size of the vents needed for the efficient air circulation. So, once the fan is installed, it must help proper circulation of air. First of all, the person needs to measure the home properly and calculate lengths and breadths. The height of the room from the ground to the ceiling is also important to calculate. The calculation will also take into account spaces like hallways and bathrooms. But then, you can ignore closets and those places where the door remains closed. Whether you measure out for solar attic fan or traditional attic fan, exact measurement is must.

Calculating the volume

You need to calculate the volume of each room by multiplying length, breadth and height. This has been calculated previously also in home measurement. So, to calculate the volume of entire home, you need to add up the volume of individual rooms. The figure attained will impact the power needed in the attic fan.

Determining the CFM rating

A lot many calculations need to be done before you choose an ideal Attic Vent Fan for your purpose to save energy costs. To get the CFM rating, just divide the total volume of the home with 3. You will get the exact figure for cubic feet each minute for the entire home. So, if the volume of your home is 12,000 cubic feet, you will need the fan with 4000 CFM.

How to determine ventilation area?

It is important to determine ventilation area of the home. Just divide the CFM rating figure by 750 to know the ventilation area. So, if the CFM is 4000, your vent area will be 5.3 approximately.

If you are shocked at receiving your electricity bill, you need to adopt certain ways to help reduce the bills the next time. Consider the installation of attic fans for the proper circulation of air around the attic region and add to the energy efficiency of the home.

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